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Easy Mountain – one price, maximum fun
Easy Mountain offers more than just your average rental service: for one price, choose from a huge selection of winter sports gear (classic and fun sports) which you can change as often as you like. Add to this a free drink and if needed a ski pass – all wrapped up in a good-value package.

free drink, ski pass and use of the entire selection of winter sports gear (classic and fun sports) at CUBE Active – all in one good-value package

You can rent the following sports equipment:

  • skis I ski boots I ski sticks
  • snowboards I snowboard boots
  • cross-country skiing gear
  • snow shoes
  • ice skates
  • sleds
  • Skifox
  • Snowcycle
  • Fatbikes

find everything here, from sunglasses to ski wax and even complete skiing outfits – ask our staff!

for entire skiing and snowboarding gear

maintenance or repair by skilled mechanics