cube hotel exterior view night winter modernes Design in den Bergen

CUBE is everything, but the ordinary. Located in the middle of a spacious mountain landscape, CUBE inspires and fascinates guests and the merely curious alike. CUBE, a meeting of modern design and unconventional architecture, offers a unique leisure atmosphere.


Guests from all over the world mingling, meeting and exchanging adventures – this sets the mood and contributes to the unique flair of this completely new architectural style.  The loft-like CUBE has been designed for holidaymakers who know the value of simplicity and functionality.

cube hotel chill out lounge open fire place loftarchitektur
cube hotel konzept outdoor party winter come together

Everything is possible at CUBE. In summer as well as winter. Sports and fun or relax and chill. Alone, with family or as part of a group. CUBE defines a wholly new dimension of the come-together. CUBE is the place people like to come to. IT’S YOUR HOMEBASE. Read more

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