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CUBE combines modern architecture and perfect functionality. Simplicity of design and an unorthodox choice of materials define CUBE. A large atrium, the striking ramps and spacious open plan design reduced to the essential make CUBE a unique experience.

Seen from the outside, CUBE has the shape of a dice wrapped in a simple steel-and-glass construction that reflects the surrounding landscape. As night falls, the façade of the CUBE shines in a variety of colors, creating a perceptible optical attraction from afar.

beleuchtetes CUBE2 K500
CUBE Hotel showroom sports-equipment summer winter

Modern, uncompromising and unconventional, the CUBE’s interior presents itself with backlit columns, glass, concrete and modern furniture. With the interplay of different colors, natural light and the use of projections, different moods can be generated depending on the time of day.

The interior of the rooms is reduced but functional and consists of a comfortable sleeping area, an open bathroom and the showroom. There are 2-bed and 4-bed rooms with shower and separate WC. Ramps connect the atrium with the individual levels and allow easy transport of the sports equipment to the showroom, where it can be stored, dried and put on display. Read more

CUBE hotel 2er-zimmer